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You now have an alternative to "take out". Let us prepare your family dinners during the week. NO grocery shopping or long waits....just  plenty of relaxation after a busy day. Check out our NEWEST 

item... "Express Food Bundles" offered for pick up on Wednesday - Saturday.

Prepaid ordering begins every Monday and no later than 5pm the day before pickup.....

Different items weekly !

We DO NOT deliver....

Pick up ONLY....

We offer weekly meal preps for numerous reasons.... Needing meal preps completed; but, you don't have the time to spare? Need weekly lunch prepared for the work week? NO TIME to shop and cook ? Whatever your reason we are willing to help you with the solution.

All meals are preordered and prepaid no later than closing on Thursday....Pickup ONLY.....

Different item choices weekly !

Our excitement is centered around everything that goes into prepping, preparing, and producing finished quality food items worth EVERY uuuhmmm and wow ! 

Our office is open !  Contact us during the above times and we will be more than happy to assist with your next meal and/ or event......Please, be aware that any catering orders placed on our site should be done at the LEAST 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE prior to completed consultation. Unfortunately, we do not provide same day production or catering.


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